5-starMark F.
The staff are great and explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. Great comfortable office with fresh cookies.

5-starMelissa S.
We love Dr. McElhinney and Dr. Breha! Friendly staff and just an overall positive experience.

5-starJanaina W.
Dr. Breha is a super nice Orthodontist with a great team by his side. Highly recommended!!

Wonderful place! The staff are very helpful, and also very friendly. Appointments are quick efficient and informative. Kid friendly environment for sure! Great techs. Great orthodontists. My son enjoys his check ups.

5-starLinda C.
The on-boarding forms were exceptional. I was particularly impressed with the specific allergies listed for Latex and Metals/Jewelry. My experience with braces, only 4 years ago, might have gone better had these questions been asked before deciding a treatment plan. Kudos!

5-starKim G.
My consultation was above and beyond my expectations! Everyone was nice and friendly -very helpful.

5-starMarian G.
Love Dr. Mac and his staff! We always get in and out so quickly, which is much appreciated with all the visits needed to straighten my daughter’s teeth. My daughter loves the soft cookies! I like the coffee! Thanks for making our visits so pleasant!

5-starSarah M.
My son has been a patient of Dr. Mac for about 2 years. He just got his braces off this past April and his teeth are beautiful!! The service, kindness, convenience and quality of Dr. Mac and his office staff is beyond my expectations. THANK YOU!!

5-starShelly V.
Kind, respectful, and exceptionally friendly orthodontist and staff. Very thorough for an initial evaluation for my daughter and explained the expectations for treatment well. My daughter is young (7) and they made her feel very comfortable. She walked out of the office saying “that place is awesome!”

5-starLisa K.
Convenient payment plan, when I had a problem it was resolved quickly. Easy in and easy out scheduling. Friendly staff with great smiles!!

5-starStephanie L.
Not only is the care and treatment outstanding, but when you go to Dr. McElhinney office, the people who work there don’t just treat you like a patient–they treat you like a friend. And one of the many cool things is that they reward their patients for things such as nothing loose or broken and good brushing. It’s a great incentive for the kids/teens!

5-starLinda C.
I cannot begin to say how pleasant our first experience was in Dr. Mac’s office! From the friendly office staff and hygienists to a kind doctor and inviting office, our visit was nothing short of enjoyable. We so appreciated the thorough treatment explanations that were given and the time taken with us that made us feel valued. We will be using Dr. Mac for our pre-teen’s orthodontia care. Our only disappointment is that we did not find Dr. Mac for our older child!

5-starNick N.
I think I was 34 yrs old when I decided to get braces (Dr. Mac said he was putting them on me). I was already a fat married dad, and had no “vanity issues” to get my teeth straight! Dr. Mac is one that is always seeking perfection and rather than trying a new technique on a “real” patient, I (his sales rep) volunteered to be his guinea pig. In hindsight it was an awesome experience and he did an awesome job! From being in the industry for over 15 years……I know a good orthodontist from a bad one. Dr. Mac is ALWAYS investing his time and money into being a better orthodontist. He is a 1%’er. 99 out of 100 orthodontists do not seek new technology and just keep doing what they’ve always done. They are viewing Ortho as a way to make money, where Dr. Mac is looking to change people’s lives (in a positive way). I wish more people were like him and we are fortunate to have one of the BEST ORTHONDONTISTS in the country….right in our backyard!

5-starAllison E.
Everyone I came in contact with at the office was super nice and friendly. I was so impressed with how easy everything was from making my first appointment, to the insurance verification, to deciding what option I was going to take! I loved the online portion as well as the face to face with the doctor! I am very happy Lindsey referred me to the office and I can’t wait to get started with everything!

5-starKevin G.
I have had one child go all the way through the process of braces and I now have two children in the process. The staff and Dr. McElhinney are always friendly and on top of things. There is hardly ever a wait and they get us in and out quickly. They are respectful and kind. Dr. Mac explains things to the patients and parents. He talks to you, not at you. I highly recommend Dr. McElhinney!!!

5-starDebbie S.
I have one child who completed treatment here and one currently receiving treatment. The office staff is helpful and friendly. The financial considerations are thoroughly reviewed and exactly as represented – no tricks or hidden fees. Dr. Mac has a good rapport with the kids and with his staff. It is sometimes hard to find appointment times that don’t conflict with school, but that is my biggest complaint. I love the reward system for kids and the free (often fresh baked and HOT) cookie each time we visit is a nice touch!

5-starHeather G.
We were initially referred from our general Dentist. My son had some issues and they want them looked at. Ever since we have been coming to Dr Mac, my kids have been excited to go. The staff connects with them and always remembers the details about their life and makes the experience personalized to their needs. I feel this is especially important for this service due to how long of a journey orthopedic work generally is. As a working and busy Mom, I really appreciate the fact that the office runs seamlessly and smoothly, I never have to wait very long and they will work around our schedule for appointments.

5-starBeth M.
All three of our boys have beautiful smiles because of Dr. Mac and his amazing staff! We had such a good experience that hubby is now doing Invisalign. Thank you!

5-starWesley W.
Being 50 years old and getting my 4th set of braces on by my 3rd orthodontist I really didn’t have that much faith that anything could really be done to help me. I knew that my first orthodontist had really messed me up bad to the point I had been biting myself for years and just having my teeth shaved shorter to prevent the pain. You did so well on my kids that I had you try to fix me. Everyone in your office is pleasant and caring, a top notch crew. As for my teeth. No more biting into the roof of my mouth, no more big gaps, nice and straight. Everything you did was wonderful. I thank you all.

5-starOwen N.
We had two children that went to Dr. McElhinney. All of us were pleased with the results. My blued eyed red haired daughter gets stopped in the street for her beautiful smile. We were visiting Disney a few years ago when she was personally invited to apply to be a Disney princess (she didn’t do it). Our son had some medical issues involving MRI’s and radiation treatments, Dr. Mac worked around his issues without complaint. Today he is a healthy freshman with a beautiful smile. We were always treated as family and greeted as if everyone was waiting for our arrival. It takes a special person to make people feel this way even when it looked like a busy day. We were happy we choose Dr. Mac!

5-starKatie T.
I have been very happy with the Stow office and the people in it. I have 2 girls, one in braces now and one on the way. Where I really have been grateful and impressed are with the ladies in the office that go out of their way to fit us in, be patient when I have to rearrange and kind when I cannot figure out my schedule and forget that I was supposed to call back. They are never rude and even when I know days are not going exactly as planned, they make us feel like everything is good to go and they are “on it” . Thank you!

5-starConnie S.
My 24 year old son and 21 year old daughter were treated very well when they had braces years ago. I drove from Copley to get to your office because of the excellent reviews. I hope to eventually visit again because my youngest is almost ready for orthodontics. I never had to wait for an appointment with my older two children. If we had an issue, we were seen immediately. Everyone in the office was friendly and supportive!

5-starMichelle H.
I have been very pleased with the treatment process for both of my kids. The 1st one is done & has a “perfect” smile! The 2nd one is still in progress… No complaints here!